Medical Equipment

2017 FERNO POWER COT INX 700lbs Capacity

Price: $ 16,900
  • Dual, powered actuators maximize tip-stability and can lift patient loads up to 700 lb.
  • Automatic high-speed extend & retract reduces load and unload time
  • Chair position facilitates transfer of seated patients and COPD patients
  • Innovative X-Frame design simplifies positioning with just the push of a button
  • Patient surface is level at all heights to enhance procedural care
  • Pneumatic-assisted backrest provides patient comfort
  • Adjustable arm rests enhance patient comfort, facilitate IV starts, and secure combative patients
  • Shock position raises patient’s feet for treatment of shock
  • Universal accessory rail   enables accessories to be attached in any position
  • Telescoping load frame maximizes maneuverability in tight spaces
  • 360° locking swivel wheels allow movement in any direction at any bed height
  • Programmable load height adjusts to match your ambulance floor height

2010 Stryker Stair-PRO 6251 Stair Chair 500LB Capacity

Price: $ 1,500
  • Front Caster WhFront Caster Wheels that add Wheelchair-like Mobility in tight spaces.
  • Extendable foot and lift handle design supports propper ergonomic lifting technique.
  • 3 seat belts.
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